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How to Earn Money from Blogging and YouTube with Google Adsense

Google runs a program Adsense.  It helps the publishers who are working under Google content sites to get the payment for posting text, image, and video, or for the advertisements by the renounced companies which are published through their sites. Adsense helps to place these relevant advertises on different websites, sometime advertises are related to the content of the website.  

The system of Adsense:
Google earns a lot of money by allowing other website owners to give advertise on their search engine page. A program, named Adword maintains it. In websites there are many advertisements. The advertisers give a certain amount of money for per click on advertises. Anyone can earn a share of money by showing these relevant ads on their sites. When the viewer clicks on an ad, then the owner of the site gets 68% of the click and the rest is earned by Google. The owner of a site also earns from network traffic.

Make money from blogging:
There are many sites where you can publish your blogs. At first anyone must choose a blogger site like WordPress or Then you have to write blogs and publish them to create your own blogger or WordPress site. When the contents increase, then you must sign up at You can earn money from placing ads and network traffic. You may build up your own website and post your blogs there.

Make money from YouTube:
You must create an account on YouTube. Then you must increase video contents. What type of content you choose that fully depends on you. But you have to choose relevant contents. You must use good camera and you must choose good quality videos for uploading. You must build up an audience. You may share your videos on Twitter or Facebook. After you must register at You may st

art blogging and upload your videos there for a handsome income.


Rules and Regulations:
To register at Adsense you must be 18 years old. Your site must have a good number of contents. If you have successfully registered at Adsense and in your blogs there are many ads. Then you should not click on that ad. You cannot encourage people to see your blogs and click on the ads on your site.
Actually Google builds good contents to attract Adsense advertisement. They try to use such type contents which attract visitors. Adsense is not a scheme that will make you a rich man in a few days. It takes a lot of work to get success.

Make $2000 Per Month Easy Way

Make money with Google Adsense, Its easy to make $1000 to $2000 every month. Google adsense is the most popular service to monetize your Website/Blog content. When implemented, Adsense will display targeted Google ads on your blog and they can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis. 

In order to display ads on your blog/website, you should first Sing Up to When you complete Sing-Up with you can choice free website title with blogger. Create your Blog with your own name, company or product name.
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Your Dashboard, as always, is your starting point. This is where all your blogs are listed, and you can click on the icons next to them to perform various actions on each blog, such as, Overview, Posts, Pages, Comments,....... When you click on Layout then your dashboard will be:....
Overview: On the Overview tab, you can see your blog’s activity, news and tips from the Blogger team, and recent Blogs of Note.

Posts: On the Posts tab, you can see your blog's post, you can edit/delete your post which you don't like. 

Pages: On the pages tab, you can see your blog other pages if you want to crate page for your blogger you can edit here.

Comments: On the comments tab, you can see all the comments for the website/blog

Stats: On the Statas tab, you can see how many visitor visit your blog a day/weeks/month. 

Earning: Here is the main points to make $1000 to $2000 easily every month.  Once you click on Earning tab you will redirect to:..
You almost done and ready to make lot of money. Now you have to register account with Google Adsense by click <Sing up for Adsense> be-careful about Google Adsense registration If you want payment by Checks then match the name with your bank account name, If you want to Western Union transfer match your name with your Government ID card. 

When you finish application then you have to wait 12 to 48 hours to active your application. If google accept your application then you will avail to see google ads on your website likes that:
 Now all you need to keep posting article/story/picture to get more visitor... More visitor more money. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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Google AdSense Tips and Tricks

The Google AdSense solution is used by millions of web masters around the world. Some of them have great success and good income, while others get only a few dollars.
Here we will share some basic tips which are known to help increase the revenue generated through Google AdSense.
First, you should choose the advertisement block format which best suits your web site visual style. The experience shows that the 336x280 Large Rectangle, the 300x250 Medium Rectangle, and the 160x600 Wide Skyscraper are the most effective shapes. Still, you should mind the visual appearance of your web pages when you insert the AdSense code. If you have a little space for ads, the best solution will be the link unit format.
Additionally, you should pick the most suitable color palette for your ads block. If you have a light background on your web site, it is better to use a similar light palette for the AdSense box. The contrast choice for an ads box palette is good only for web sites with dark background. Still, it is better to pick a color which already exists in your web site.
It is better to create an ads unit which includes both text and images. In this way both will be displayed and this will increase the chance to get a click on an advertisement by a web site visitor.
Next, you should consider the location of the ads on your web pages.
Probably the best position of the advertisements is in the top / header of your site. However, this can break the consistency of your content, so you should be careful using such a solution. Other good locations are just below the navigation bar, above the footer and in the left menu area. You should always put yourself in the visitors' shoes and look to the web site from their point of view. If the ads block makes you feel uncomfortable while browsing the web site, you should consider a different position or formatting.
Additionally, you should define the number of the advertisement units per page. There are some restrictions about it. You are allowed to have up to three advertisement units per page (in addition to three link units and three referral units). If you have a web site with a lot of content, which requires the visitors to scroll down the pages or you manage a forum or a blog, it is wise to put more AdSense blocks. However, always make sure that the main unit which will generate the major part of the revenue is loaded first in the web site source code. In case you wonder, if you place more than 3 ads units on a page only the first 3 will appear.
Detailed instructions on how to improve the efficiency of your AdSense blocks can be found in the Google AdSense resources section: